A Big Thanks to Rental Force and Their Donation

Rental Force has gone above and beyond to help the Wiggins campaign team get ready for their upcoming fundraising event. They have donated scissor lift rentals, boom lift rentals, forklift rentals, portable toilets, and dumpster rentals to the biggest event for Wiggins senate push. The Wiggins team couldn't be more thankful to the effort and professionalism of the Rental Force team while they prepared for the big night. They have also agreed to have staff on hand to help out with any unexpected problems that may arise during the event.

The Wiggins campaign contacted Rental Force back in August to see if they could possibly donate an executive restroom trailer for the event, and from there they were more than welcome to help with all the other rentals they were needing for the event, from aerial lifts, to forklifts. With their help, the rest of Wiggins team has been able to focus on whats important, and they have been able to spend more time raising funds for senate push then they would have under normal circumstances. We just want to give Rental Force a big thank you from the entire Wiggins team for their extraordinary work during the fundraising event.